Phil in June 2017 signed a Contract to purchase a property for $3,300,000.

He paid a 10% deposit with settlement in June 2019.

Phil now has two problems: -

  1. The Lender will only lend him a maximum of 60% of current value (he was expecting 80%); and

  2. The property has decreased in value (he was expecting an increase).

Phil’s difficult options are: -

  1. Default, lose his deposit and possibility be sued by the Vendor for the...

Being a member of a social or sporting club is supposed to be enjoyable….right?

However this isn’t always the case.

Millens has seen an increase in the number of social and sporting clubs taking disciplinary action against its members, which deprives them of their passion, excludes them from socialising with club friends, damages their reputation and impacts them financially.

Each club has its own set of rules and disciplinary pr...

Millens loves working with entrepreneurs and start-ups.

We have been very privileged to recently work with entrepreneur Evangeline and help her bring her laundry on demand app to market. Lodeapp allows you to outsource your washing and ironing and is available 1 March 2019. Please go to LODE for more information.

If you are thinking about starting up a business or have ideas which you would like to convert into a...

MILLENS is delighted to announce the appointment of our senior lawyer Sally
Lloyd to the position of Director as from 1 July 2018.

Sally joined the MILLENS team in 2016.  Having originally qualified in Victoria, Sally’s expertise has been built both in Australia and the United Kingdom.  She initially established her own successful commercial practice in Melbourne before moving  to  England  where  she  worked  for  internationa...

Health Engine exposed….don’t be next…

You may have heard that Health Engine (online doctor’s appointment booking service) has been providing private medical information to third parties and this information has ended up at a well- known personal injuries firm. Many users of Health Engine were unaware that this was happening and are understandably outraged.

How do you use the data that your business collects? Do you pass data ont...

Corporate & Commercial Law, business sales and purchases and intellectual property

We would like to congratulate Heritage Brands on its recent acquisition of the well known aromatherapy brands In Essence and Oil Garden.

A Shareholder Agreement is a document which governs the legal and business relationships between all the shareholders and the directors.

ACCC is making good on pursuing businesses that requires small business to sign up to standard form contracts.

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