• Sally Lloyd

Have a claim? Time isn’t on your side…

Before COVID hit, were you thinking of making a claim against another party but due to COVID, you have decided to ‘park’ your claim and focus on running your business? Beware that there are time limits as to when you can bring a claim, and despite COVID, the time limitations clock keeps ticking……

If you are owed money, you have 6 years since the creation of the debt to sue. If you have a negligence claim against an advisor, contractor or service provider, you have 3 years to bring a claim. If you miss these deadlines, then your claim will be ‘statute barred’ and you may be prevented from pursuing your claim.

If you do have a claim that arose nearly 6 years ago (in the case of debt) or 3 years ago (in the case of negligence), then you should consider seeking legal advice now to ensure that you don’t lose your opportunity to make a claim. It is important to note that issuing proceedings can take time as it may require a significant amount of investigation and review before court proceedings are issued.

Millens has extensive experience in litigation and would be pleased to discuss your litigation needs. Please contact Ross Millen or Sally Lloyd if you would like to discuss any issues that may involve the need to litigate.

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