• Angela Costin

Confidentiality and the workplace

As the vast majority of office workers have been working from home for the last year or so, many have collected, saved, printed or otherwise retained confidential information at home. Procedures should be in place to ensure that those working from home destroy confidential information or keep it in secure manner as would usually occur in the workplace.

However, with limited employer oversight, chances are the privacy procedures of many workplaces have slipped. Has the way your employees handled personal information changed during working from home and are you still complying with privacy laws?

If you haven’t already, now is the time to:

· Assess your privacy procedures and make any necessary changes to take into account remote working. Now that more employees can return to the office, perhaps certain tasks that require the use of confidential information should only be undertaken in the office, whilst other more routine internal tasks can be performed at home;

· Educate employees on the handling of confidential and personal information whilst working from home;

· ensure any hard copy documents are brought back into the office and destroyed or kept securely;

· scan hard copy documents, including handwritten notes, and save electronically to ensure they are not lost and record keeping obligations are met;

· ensure devices, such as laptops, are stored securely at home when not in use; and

· review your technology platforms and devices to ensure they are cyber secure, especially those using remote access systems; and

· ask third party providers what they are doing to protect your confidential information.

If you have any queries in relation to confidentiality or other workplace matters then please contact Angela Costin, Executive Counsel at Millens on 9817 6530 or acostin@millens.com.au.

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