Fraud investigation

I may be a victim of fraud – what do I do?


If you believe you are a victim of fraud – the most important thing to do, before you confront the fraudster, before you report this matter to the police, before you do anything else, is get legal advice.

The reason for this is that what you do right now is crucial to whether you will be able to recover any of the money or assets you think has been taken.


If you get good advice, it will be to not report the matter to the police and not to confront the fraudster.

The police cannot help you recover your assets or money. In fact, reporting the matter to the police can seriously impede your chances of recovery, because the rights of the fraudster can change as soon as charges are bought.

If you confront the fraudster before you have protections in place, you may give that person an opportunity to dispose of any asset or money of yours that they still hold or any assets or money of their own, that you could claim.

What to do now

Bringing a civil claim is the usually the fastest way to recover your money and assets.

In order to bring a civil claim, you need to engage solicitors who can work very quickly to establish the evidence of the fraud, present the evidence to the Court and obtain orders from the Court to stop the fraudster from disposing or moving assets and to search their property or workplace including electronics to seize their documents. The fraudster will usually not know about these orders until after they are made.  You then have control of the assets of the fraudster and can achieve a resolution with them.

At Millens, we can help you identify the method and extent of the fraud and give your advice on what your legal options are. We work with Andrew Tragardh, Barrister and a range of forensic accountants and together we have the skills needed to help you.

Don’t panic, but don’t delay.

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