At Millens our goal is to understand and then assist you run a healthy and profitable business. Giving you expert legal advice and helping you manage your legal risks is only part of the picture.


Drawing on our extensive experience, training and skills we will help you identify the other risks your business faces and get a deeper understanding of your markets and business opportunities. We can also advise you on managing staffing issues and assist in planning for either controlled growth or business down-sizing.


We have successfully helped many businesses identify sources of new capital, joint venture partners and growth opportunities, and guided them in their business planning.


We are skilled in advising families on how to manage generational change within a family business, while avoiding misunderstanding and potential conflict.


Your unique business or family circumstances can’t be resolved with a purely legal approach. Which is why Millens with our unique blend of legal skills and an ability to understand, have something very special to offer. We’ve proven time and again that our care-ful, comprehensive, flexible approach to problem solving is the ideal formula to help you grow your business and boost your profits.

Here are just some of the areas we understand:


  • Corporate governance

  • Strategic planning

  • Succession planning and implementation

  • Business mentoring

  • Business coaching

  • Increasing management effectiveness

  • Identifying growth opportunities

  • Relationship resolution

  • Capital raising

  • Family business issues



As part of our Corporate Advisory Service Millens can act for you as:


  • Facilitators of strategic retreats

  • Convenors in family forums

  • Members of advisory boards

  • Company directors