Public speaking 

At Millens we take great pleasure in helping businesses to become avid learning organisations.


We know people have a fascination with the law, and they learn best by assimilating new information through their own experiences and those of their peers. We also know that they enjoy and engage most with presenters who ask questions, stimulate thought and encourage interaction.


Keith Hanslow is highly sought-after as a presenter and speaker on a range of legal issues. He regularly presents to business audiences at national and international conferences and after dinner functions. He also conducts professional development days and professional forums.


Between his humorous and engaging presentation style and his relevant and insightful material, he excels at gaining the enthusiastic participation of his audiences.


These are some of the outcomes you can expect when you attend one of Keith’s presentations:


  • An increased awareness of the basic legal issues that are vital to your business success

  • Increased financial returns/profits

  • Practical skills to reduce costly legal mistakes

  • Greater protection for your business and family

  • Fewer distractions from your core business goals

  • Less personal stress

  • Skills to help you foresee and pro-actively solve legal issues

  • Increased ability to avoid costly legal disputes

Every one of Keith’s keynote sessions is highly energising and interactive, packed with real life illustrations, humour and thought-provoking questions. His revolutionary ‘Hypothetical Plus’ presentation series is in constant demand by directors, franchisees and businesses in all sectors.


These fascinating sessions begin with Keith presenting a hand-picked scenario of particular relevance to the audience. The room is progressively divided into groups, with each group assuming a role, answering questions and interacting with the other groups. As they work together to reach a solution the knowledge and experience of every participant is unlocked and shared. This innovative approach delivers exceptional learning outcomes, resulting in substantial changes in outlook and behaviour.

Presentation Topics

These are some of Keith’s most highly sought-after presentation topics. He can also prepare bespoke material to meet your specific needs.

7 Legal Habits of Highly Ineffective Business People

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Increase your profits and enhance the value of your business by avoiding these ineffective legal habits


7 Deadly Sins of Company Directors and Senior Officers

Improve your corporate governance and boost business growth with targeted advice for directors of companies of all sizes – from family businesses to major corporations



Are You Exposed?
7 Habits to keep you covered

Protect your business from sexual harassment, unfair dismissal or employment contract disputes with this challenging Hypothetical Plus presentation



Handing Over the Reins
7 keys to success

Discover the practical keys to transferring business ownership between generations - this Hypothetical Plus session delivers knowledge essential to all business owners



Legal Size Me

Cut legal fees and boost your profits and productivity with this shocking exposé of how lawyers create work for themselves at the expense of their clients



What you see, you do not necessarily get

Get a clear understanding of different corporate structures - including the pros and cons, how to recognise them, and which structure is right for your business

Choices of Successful Family Businesses

Get expert guidance through the critical choices your family will need to make to ensure the continued success and integration of your family business

How to sleep well at night – asset protection

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets - find out how to protect them properly in case something goes wrong in your business 



The Long and Winding Road of Litigation

Unravel the mystique and traps of litigation with this realistic case scenario, and prepare yourself for the legal problems that could impact your business at any time



The F Word

Corporate Fraud is a cost companies can do without. Drawing from real cases, its size, the prospects and what good companies do to protect themselves is explained.



The Vortex

Keith reveals lessons for all Directors from his personal experience in acting for a Director in an extremely large and complex ASIC prosecution. Although all Directors had Director’s and Officer’s Insurance, the dangers of a Director relying upon such Insurance are explained.


How to get your kids into a home without losing your home

With rising property prices, many first home buyers turn to their parents for assistance. The dangers of giving the wrong assistance and how to give the right assistance is explained.

Keith Hanslow


Here’s just some of the great feedback Keith has received for his presentations:

“Keith has a unique ability to present legal concepts in a way they can be easily understood combined with an entertaining and thought provoking manner. Audiences always become willing and active participants and leave with practical applications which will enhance their business and increase profits.”

George Savvides – Former Chief Executive Officer, Medibank Private



“Keith’s presentation with a difference was to draw on his legal experience and involve the audience in a mock court case surrounding a matter that was pertinent to the interest of all who attended. It was brilliantly done and showed his grip of the law as well as a most effective way of the engaging the audience throughout the presentation.”

Tony Charlton – Tony Charlton Enterprises Pty Ltd



“Keith is the best known for the inimitable manner in which he is able to present the law as it impacts upon business people. He has a particular gift for explaining the law in intelligible terms to lay people in an entertaining, informative and lively style.”

Carey P Cox – former Manager for Victoria – Australian Institute of Company Directors



“Keith has presented at three of our national conferences. We have him back because our participants want to benefit from interacting with him again. At our last conference Keith assisted in pioneering our extremely successful Single Theme Concept. Keith developed with another a stage play depicting a relevant process which became the basis for the professional development component of the conference. All delegates stated it was the best conference they had ever attended.”

Don Trapnell – Director – Synchronized Business Services Pty Ltd

Keith is an inaugural member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors ‘Super 5 Club’. This club honours the achievement of facilitators who have been given a perfect score (5) by all participants in an AICD session.

The AICD always seeks comments from participants, and these are just a sample of those received for Keith:

“Took a hard subject and made it really interesting. I understood Keith really well – he was a lawyer – was this meant to happen?”


“Fantastic use of interaction and humour. Linked all concepts into a logical step by step process. Should be easy to recall.”


“Great presenter, put the salient legal features in focus.”


“Excellent presentation, really engaging.”


“Very informative and presented in a stimulating way.” “Simple concise language.”


“Made it relevant to lay person, excellent stories, ensures concepts are retained.”


“Excellent session that I will practically be able to implement immediately.”

Topics covered in Keith’s successful presentations

Asset Protection


Business Acquisition


Business Advisory Boards


Business Structures




Directors Duties


Employment Agreements


Equal Opportunity

Estate Planning

Family Business


Family Constitutions Family




Family Trusts Guarantees


Integration of Business Structures and Family Assets


Intra-Family Generational Transfers

Joint Ventures


Off the Plan Purchases



Purchase and Sale of Real Estate


Real Estate Development


Retail Pharmacy

Sexual Harassment

Succession Planning

Trade Practice Compliance

Wills and Testamentary Trust

Satisfied participants at Keith’s presentations include:

Sigma Company Limited


Zurich Financial Services


Lumley Life Australian Institute of Company Directors


Aust Brokers Pty Ltd


Municipal Association of Victoria




Australian Financial Services Pty Ltd

Victorian Law Institute


Australian Institute of Pharmacy


Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School


Lauriston Girls Grammar School




CRC for Microtechnology


Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education


LaTrobe Home Loans

Home Hardware'




Synchronised Business Services Pty Ltd


Four Points Financial Services


Waite Consulting​

Australian Principals Centre


Australian Institute of Health Law and Ethics


Integrated Leadership Group

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